The Safe 80 Taskforce is comprised of community and regional planners, developers, businesspersons, state and local police, emergency services personnel, elected state and local officials, representatives from PennDOT and other transportation agencies, the media and concerned citizens.  The Safe 80 Corridor in Monroe County is one of national and regional significance, as is heavily used for both interstate and intrastate travel.  This corridor includes major interchanges with Interstates 380 and State Route 33, which also service extensions to Interstates 81 and 84, and to the south State Route 22 and Interstate 78, all major routes for the movement of goods and people in the northeast United States.

The Safe 80 Taskforce is working to undertake initiatives to mitigate high congestion, design deficiencies and remediate safety issues along the Monroe County I-80 corridor west of the Delaware River to the mid-section of the county.  Interstate 80 was originally built to handle approximately 13,000 vehicles per day, however; it is now struggling to handle over 60,000 vehicles per day and that number continues to grow.